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Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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Rael Levitt is a well known man-about-town in his native South Africa. Though most well known in his local Jewish community and at the Marais Road Synagogue, he also a known figure in the broader business sector for his real estate pursuits. He is the founder of the Auction Alliance, a highly successful auctioneering.

Rael’s early days

Rael had an early start in the real estate business. His mom is an agent herself, and already in high school, he showed an interest in the business. By age 17, it was clear to Rael Levitt that school was far less interesting to him than property and business. He observed and learned, and made his first sale before high school ended. He did, however, continue his education, in his home city Cape Town. He earned his undergraduate degree before continuing on to the real estate world.

The Auction Mission

The Auction Alliance was started a number of years ago to focus on using their specialized and deep knowledge of the property industry to their clients’ benefit. They work in a number of cities around South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and both the Eastern and Western Capes. The alliance strives to initiate wealth and opportunity for clients by making properties available and accessible for sale. Personal relationships are also important to Rael’s Auction Alliance. He believes that his job is to offer the best possible experience of professionalism and high quality infrastructure work, ensuring that clients will come our of auctions satisfied with their properties and feeling that their investment was smart and well placed. The Auction Alliance has been around for almost two decades and has had the chance, under Rael’s spectacular leadership, to emerge as the leading real estate auction house in South Africa. The company has a reputation for profitable auctions and being able to offer creative solutions for sellers of properties, be it commercial, residential and some other type of property.

Not just an auctioneer…

Rael is more than just a property-moving auctioneer. He is also a conscientious member of the Jewish community, as well as the great community around him. He is dedicated to a number of philanthropic causes, both through the Alliance and in the political sphere. One cause that is close to Rael’s heart is education and the underprivileged. He partnered with President Jacob Zuma to benefit the president’s Education Trust. Rael didn’t just give to the cause, however. Instead he donated his greatest skill - that of the star auctioneer. The event took place just after Zuma finished his State of the Nation annual address; the list of attendees was A-list only and the community was ready and willing to participate. The Auction Alliance host started the auction by telling the crowd that his order came from the president to raise as much money as possible through the auction. While the president’s presence was certainly a part of the success of the event, Rael’s incredible auctioneering skills and his team’s work on the event was the critical ingredient in raising masses of money for a great cause.

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